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ID #0

Commodore: A2232

Connection: Zorro II

Rev 6 card
Rev 6 card

Picture of A2232 with connectors
Picture of A2232 with connectors

Hi Res Version, Image 1 - 531K
Hi Res Version of A2232 with connectors - 58K

The A2232 is a full length Zorro II card which provides the Amiga with 7 additional RS232C serial ports. Each port can be driven independantly at between 50 and 19200 baud. There is however a driver available on Aminet which allows two of the serial ports to be driven at 115,200 baud with minimal CPU overhead, although the card can be used with the original serial.device supplied with AmigaOS from OS 1.3 onwards. The A2232 has it's own 65CE02 microprocessor, operating at 3.58MHz, which controls the I//O and leaves the Amiga free for other tasks. Up to 5 A2232 Multiport Serial Cards may be installed in a single Amiga 2000/30

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