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Kickstart Socket: Plugs into the ROM sockets. The Amiga ROM is known as Kickstart.

Custom ChipsKickstart
IDE ControllerFast ATA 1200
Fast ATA 1200 Mk-III
Power Flyer 1200
Kickstart Switches3 way kickstart switcher
3 way ROM Switcher
5055 Kickstart Switcher
A600 Kickstart Switcher
A9307-3 2MB
Amiga ROM Swapper
BC Kickstart Switcher
CD Kick
KA015 LC
Kickboard Plus
Kickstart Switcher (kupke)
Kickstartumschalter 9233
KickSwitch (Message Computers)
Kickswitcher (collion)
Kickum 2
Kickum 3
Kwikstart II
Micronik Kickstart Switcher
MultiStart I
Multistart II
Multiswitch II
ROM Switcher
Unitech Kickstart Switcher
Utilities Unlimited Kickstart Switcher
Mystery CornerItem #41 from Konrad
RAM ExpansionsA9307-3 2MB

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